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What is Create Aid ?

Homeless people in LA

Buy Art.
Fuel an Artist.
Fund a Cause.

  • Artists (receive 50% of item sale)
  • Marketing & Overhead (receive 40% of item sale )
  • Humanitarian Causes & Projects (receive 10% of item sale )

Create Aid is a Humanitarian Venture in the form of an Online Artist Residency / Art Gallery which works to create a Grassroots Movement for the Appreciation, Promotion and Education of the Arts.

With the sale of Artwork Create Aid supports Artists and the Causes they feel passionate about.

In an effort to combine social services with creativity, Create Aid supplements civic resources by occasionally proposing and curating creative projects that address both basic and complex humanitarian issues.

These projects seek to raise awareness about suffering sectors of the world population and help connect individuals suffering from physical, emotional and mental distress with new inventions and/or existing services that can provide them with the help they are seeking.